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EcoWave Lead-Free wave solder machine

                          Eco Automation

               Lead-Free wave solder machines


12", 14", 16" 18"and 20" dual wave solder machines available with foam or 

spray fluxer, convection and/or IR pre-heaters, computer controls,  finger conveyor

finger cleaner, titanium roll-out solder pot, 1 year warranty on machine, 2 years on pot


Product features

  • Interchangeable roll-out solder pots, to use conventional or Lead-Free alloys
  • Runs on Windows 2000 or XP, with backup system to run machine without computer in
  • Streamline design replaces a conventional right-angled exterior, same power
    requirements and size as traditional machines
  • Most advanced lead-free soldering technique which uses a specially design solder pot to
    reduce the dross build up
  • The wave solder system conforms to the requirement of all Lead- Free alloys that are used by manufactures today
  • Fingers and Cleaning system are made of Titanium which will not be eroded by Lead-Free solder alloys 
  • Specially designed guide rail reduces the deformation caused by heat over time.
  • Longer preheat section, formed with 3 individual zones to ensure a gradual heat-up
    which reduces the heat shock to components
  • Two sets of spraying exhaust gas filter plates, convenient for cleaning
  • The cooling system is specially designed for the Lead-Free soldering process

Outstanding Controlling System

  • A frequency transducer controls the wave height accurately and eliminates
    the potential of surges
  • The heating elements are of a special design that are a high heating efficiency and
    long life
  • The wave soldering system is configured with an overheat alarm, emergency quick-
    stop and overload protection to prevent major failures
  • The sprayer fluxer is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC
  • The PANASONIC drive motors are sealed and use a closed loop controlling system
    which enhances the stability of the conveyor and wave soldering pump
  • The machine can be turned on/off with a built in timer
  • The conveyor width is adjustable with a simple switch
An industrial computer is used to control the system. All the data can be save and applied
to the same board each and every time. Temperature curve can be printed and saved. Alarms are displayed and saved in the database for future reference.


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